Welcome to the PPS Virtual Learning Environment

This site offers a unique approach to interactive learning. Our goal is to provide a highly usable site to connect students, parents, and teachers.

In practical terms, our hope is to have an individual web page for each district teacher, providing a place to share their
daily schedule and current teaching assignment, along with classroom, course, and contact information. In addition, students, parents, and teachers can participate in web-based forums, review assignments, and post and search questions/answers. Teachers may use this space for information sharing, two way communication, curriculum development, and even full course instruction with tools like evaluation and reporting.


Upgrade to Moodle 2.2
PPS has currently using Moodle 2.2!  Coming soon Moodle 2.7.  Moodle 2.7 has some increased functionality, user-interface improvements, and additional course and content management functions.

New PPS Moodle site address
Use URL http://moodle.pps.net/ to access the main page and to log in.

Staff Login
Teachers and staff will now log in with their PPS network username and network/email password. 

Student Login
Students will log in using their PPS network user name and password.  To sign up for a course, search for it under your school in Course Categories or use the link provided by your teacher, enter the enrollment key provided by your teacher, and follow the instructions for creating a Moodle user account.  Go to the Moodle 101 course for a HOW TO Guide and short video on how to log in and enroll in a course. 

Support Resources
Visit the Moodle 101 course for training and support resources, including specific PPS HOW TO guides, tutorials, YouTube videos, discussion forums, and more.   General Moodle help is available at http://moodle.org/.

Getting Help

  • Staff needing assistance with logging into Moodle contact the IT Service Desk @ 503 916-3375 or x63375; or email itservicedesk@pps.net.
  • For help or questions on how to use Moodle or to add a course to Moodle, contact the Learning and Credit Options/Virtual Scholars  @ 503 916-2000 x71730 or email dianepbh@pps.net
  • For technical questions on specific Moodle features email ORVSD at support@orvsd.org.
  • Students -  please talk to your teacher for support!

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